Booking system for retirement homes

By | April 23, 2020

With the Corona Covid-19 virus raging all of the world, the most vulnerable citizens are our parents, and grandparents now resting in retirement homes (EHPAD). Not only are these citizens who helped build the future we now live in the most vulnerable ones to get the virus, but they are also severely affected by the social distancing that has been implemented throughout the world.

Retirement homes are looking for safe social distancing solutions for visitors to meet their loved ones. They are often using outside facilities to simplify visits and sterilization.
The quarantainer concept shown in image is a mobile visit room concept developed by

With social distancing restrictions being lifted somewhat for “business as usual” we are still a long way off to get visits to our loved ones back to normal anytime soon. This is simply not possible until an effective vaccin has been found, produced and applied for us all, and especially the most vulnerable ones.

To deal with this, most care homes, for the elderly, are now implementing visit restrictions, often with some confined space outside where visitors get a predefined time with their loved ones. However to organise these meetings effectively care homes are turning to Booking systems like that is now specialised in Covid-19 related booking solutions.

Whether you are a small, one location rest home facility that needs a booking solution to organise visits, or a chain of tens or hundreds of homes. has the solution for you so that you can allow visitors to effectively find the time they need to meet their loved ones whether it will be a restricted visit on place or having a staff member prepare and assist a resident with a video meeting using a mobile device.

Don’t wait to apply an effective system for your home, contact today and allow visitors, home residents, and staff to enjoy the simplicity of booking automation.

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