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By | March 18, 2020

Let´s join forces and stop COVID-19! ltd, the international provider of the appointment booking system, is offering free setup assistance and access to the booking system to any medical centres performing COVID-19 testing. This is how, public health laboratories, medical centres and pharmacies can begin to manage and execute all appointments simply and efficiently. The system is translated in all major languages and can quickly be applied for use around the world.

When an Icelandic medical centre opened for COVID-19 testing on the 12th of March, over 12.000 people booked in for tests, within the first 24 hours. If the centre hadn’t prepared with an appointment system beforehand, the organisation of appointments would have been impossible. There would have been standing lines with large groups of potentially infected people and non-infected people standing together. Organising such sensitive visits using a scheduling system is vital.

The main advantage for medical centres using a booking system like is that they can schedule patients for testing, with comfortable buffer times between appointments; avoiding people meeting others that could potentially be infected. Patients can book single appointments or come as a group with family members for testing, in which case the appointment

If your medical centre is doing Covid-19 testing, visit our Corona virus dedicated page and book with our specialist to help you to set up effective Covid 19 testing appointment system. To get you set up as quickly as possible, we will allocate an account manager so that your medical centre can accept patients for Covid-19 testing in a safer and more organised manner. was launched in 2011, and has been supplying scheduling systems to tens of thousands of businesses around the world. The system is GDPR (European privacy laws) and HIPAA (USA medical privacy laws) compliant and complies with the strongest privacy regulations around the world.

Let’s stop Covid-19 together!

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