Sales and Promotion System – A MUST READ!

By | June 14, 2016

We at have had a sales and marketing system (a big update on our promotion system) planned since 2012/2013 but only last year we finally got the time to start the necessary development. The development has taken time but it is definitely worth it as you will hopefully see and experience.

 So what is this new sales and marketing system about and how will it help you in getting more revenues? Why are we now calling it a sales and marketing system instead of just a promotion system? Let me explain why this is more than just a simple promotion system. Our upgraded promotion system will not only let you create deals to offer your clients but you are also able to create rewards for your existing clients, allowing them to promote your deals and get rewards for doing so.


Let’s take an example.  You are a running a beauty salon, you have more than 100 clients who mostly come from Wednesdays through Saturdays.  In fact your salon is almost empty on Mondays and Tuesdays.  What you can now do is that you can create a promotion with 30% discount on all services provided on those first two days of the week.  This offer you send to all of your existing clients, but wait here comes the interesting part.  You then ask your existing clients to forward the deal to their friends and define a reward for them in return for the favor.  You could for example offer your existing clients a hand cream or 20% discount if at least 3 of his/her friends would book an appointment through the link that they will receive.

Think about it … who better to sell your services than your existing clients that already know you and use your service! Who better to tell their friends about it than exactly these same people! With the rewards that you can define yourself you will suddenly have an active sales force working for you.  Your clients will now more than ever become your own sales ambassadors. With the new Sales and marketing system, the promotions you create might have tens or even hundreds of salespeople promoting your deals when you launch them. How cool is that!

Don’t forget that when friends of your clients buy your services, they are more likely to become long term clients because there is already a connection between you and the new client. 

The new sales and marketing system is in fact so simple in practice that we probably don’t need to create any tutorial for it. Just activate the new Promotion plugin, start your sales and marketing efforts, and have your own clients promote you like you have never been able to do before!

5 thoughts on “Sales and Promotion System – A MUST READ!

  1. lan

    so how to set it up and how much does it cost monthly? sounds like a smaller scale groupon concept.

    1. admin Post author

      It is like an almost free version of Groupon where you are more likely to get long term new clients and happier advocates for your business.

    1. admin Post author

      This is done in the Custom features section that can be found in the menu. Find the feature and select to disable.


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